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Come join us for a fantastic experience, learning a world language in a fun setting! The week-long overnight camp at Camp Guyasuta, 300 23rd St. Ext. Sharpsburg, PA 15215 offers a waterfall experience, crafts, soccer, volleyball, human Fussball, Gaga Ball, carnival night, Olympics, and basketball. Certified instructors and language majors help children in grades 1-9 begin their language study or advance their skills. Hearing the language spoken throughout each day and being challenged to speak the language during activities, large and small group sessions, and mealtimes make this the best way to learn a language! It’s almost like being in the foreign country! All final payments due by July 13th, 2018. Early application paid in full by April 30, 2018 can deduct $25. 

· WHY: To learn to speak a world language with friends, to facilitate 

travel, to prepare for graduation requirements, and to increase options for future employment and building self esteem

  • COST:  $480  for the week, $460 each if two or more attend from the  same family plus $50 activity fee    (A payment schedule can be arranged) $255 day camp plus $40 activity fee

Questions: Call Camp Director, Helena Schaefers (412) 916-0052 or e-mail helenaschaefers@hotmail.com  

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A day at Camp


Each camp follows its own schedule.

  1. Flag raising happens just before breakfast.  Each camp sings the national anthem  of its country.
  2. Large Group: teaching session within each camp, all students are together.
  3. Small Group: students are divided in groups depending on their proficiency. This allows for a more targeted teaching.
  4. Bank/Kiosk: students have the opportunity during that time to go to the bank to get some euro and use them to buy snacks at the kiosk. They have to use their camp language.
  5. Cultural activity: the activity is original for each camp.