International Cooking

For Spanish, French and German

Cooking: Spanish: Molletes (French bread rolls, butter, refried beans, shredded cheese & foil to heat on grill)

French: Chocolate Tarte

(baked tart or pie shell,10 ounces sweet, dark chocolate,1 1/4 cups heavy cream,1/2 cup Smarties or MandM's, mixing bowl/spoon)

German: Kalter Hund

(400 grams chocolate, 100 grams butter, 250 milliliters double cream whipped, 25 milliliters butter cookies, pan for cake and mixing bowl/spoon)

French: crepes (flour, milk, butter, 3 eggs, salt, jelly, Nutella 

 sandwich au jambon (smoked ham, gruyere cheese, butter & baguette)

German:  No bake Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (unsalted soda crackers, instant chocolate pudding mix, milk, cool whip, cherry pie filling)-need mixing bowl, spoon, measuring cup & pan for “cake”

Spanish: Aqua Fresca de Fresa (strawberries, sugar, water)

No bake 3 leches cake (2 pkgs Maria’s cookies, cream cheese, sugar, evaporated milk & condensed milk)